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The hair on your head is one of the most defining features of your appearance, made as you are in the image of God.  Hair is designed to frame the face like a frame around a picture.  Healthy, thick, vibrant, lustrous hair is designed to dramatically enhance a personís attractiveness.  In fact, hair is universally acknowledged to be an indispensable element of beauty in women and handsomeness in men.  Itís no wonder then that we spend so much time and effort trying to cultivate and maintain a healthy head of hair.

The health of your hair is arguably the best indicator of the health of the rest of your body.  If your hair is thick, strong and lustrous, then itís a sure sign that you take good care of yourself with a nutritious, healthy diet, regular physical exercise and sufficient, rejuvenating sleep each night.  However, if your hair is dry, brittle, thinning or falling out altogether, then your hair is serving as a warning of a lack of health which will inevitably manifest itself in other areas of your body.  For example, thinning of the hair and hair loss is often accompanied by aging of the skin with its associated wrinkling.  Since your skin relies on a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables in your diet on a daily basis in order to maintain its health and attractiveness, a lack of fresh vegetables in your diet can lead to a noticeable decline in both your skin and your hair simultaneously.  The reason for this is that the hair on your head grows out of the skin of your scalp on your head.  Therefore the health of your hair depends on the health of the skin of your scalp, which in turn requires a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables in your diet on a daily basis in order to remain healthy.

There are many aspects of our lifestyles that can lead to a decline in the health and appearance of our hair.  Most of them are not obvious at all.  This website is dedicated to documenting all of the ways you may be negatively impacting your hair so that you can avoid them, as well as explaining all of the practices that you can embrace to enhance the attractiveness of your hair.  Itís a truly powerful approach to health and wellness, including the health of your hair, to purposefully and intentionally eliminate all of the sources of detriment to your health, while seeking to embrace, to the greatest possible extent, the sources of benefit to your health.  It quickly becomes apparent that the practices for maximising the health and wellness of the human body are one and the same with the practices for maximising the growth and health of your hair.  If you diligently follow the advice provided on this website, you can obtain the kind of vibrant hair that youíve always wanted, however youíll also find that you will have dramatically transformed the health of your entire body in the process.

If youíve suffered from thinning of your hair or even hair loss, once youíve identified the things that have caused this damage to your hair and eradicated them, then you can quickly set yourself on a pathway towards repairing this damage and growing your hair back, unhindered by these obstacles that you previously encountered.  Itís actually possible to grow your hair back even years after it seems to have disappeared, once youíve addressed the issues that led to its disappearance in the first place.  As you apply the information on the following pages, your progress will be staring you in the face every day as you brush your hair in the mirror.

Contents (in descending order of importance)...

Protect yourself from internet pornography with the most tamper-proof filter set-up possible

Don't ejaculate more than two times each week

Eat only the best quality, chemical-free vegetarian diet possible

Take nutritional supplements every day to compensate for deficiencies in your food

Get sufficient sleep every single night

Exercise six mornings each week alternating between aerobic and muscular exercise

Consume sufficient protein in your diet on a daily basis

Spend thirty minutes each day sitting in the sun

Tap water is very harmful to your health and to your hair

Use reverse osmosis water purification

Drink five quarts or litres of purified water every day

Use a shower filter to protect your hair and your health from chlorinated water

Don't use shampoo or soap containing sodium lauryl sulfate on your hair or skin

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