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Last updated: 20th February, 2021

The author of this website is Andrew Mackinnon, hereafter referred to as ďIĒ, who lives in Sydney, Australia.  I started to improve my diet in 1998 by changing to a vegetarian diet and trying to eat as wide a range of fresh, chemical-free, natural foods such as whole-grain muesli for breakfast, bread and tomato for lunch, fresh fruit in the morning and afternoon and brown rice and steamed vegetables for dinner with a variety of cut-up condiments such as tomato, Spanish onion, avocado and mushroom.  What I remember about that time is that almost everybody would comment on what I was eating.  It wasnít very popular to be healthy back in 1998.  It was viewed with suspicion.  Thankfully, all of that has completely changed so that now people comment if youíre not eating something healthy.

I began to notice that my newfound diet was having a very positive effect upon my health.  I could actually see the difference it was making on a daily basis.  When I also started taking USANA CellSentials nutritional supplements around this same time, after being convinced that todayís food isnít as nutritious as the food of previous decades, then my health went ahead in leaps and bounds.  It was like being physically invincible.

Iíve steadily improved the supply of nutrition to my body over time as the opportunity has presented itself.  Back in 1998, I was using a very rudimentary water filter which only removed 60% of the chlorine from the tap water.  Five years later, in 2003, I upgraded this to a carbon block filter which effectively removed all of the chlorine from the tap water.  At the same time, I started using a shower filter and was amazed at the resulting improvement in my hair and skin.  Two years later in 2005, I upgraded my water purification system again to reverse osmosis water purification, in order to completely remove fluoride from my drinking water, which is a neurotoxin that causes mental lethargy.

Itís a bit embarrassing to say, but it wasnít until 2012 that I suddenly realised the critical importance of sufficient protein in oneís diet, especially if one is exercising quite intensively on a daily basis.  Without sufficient protein in oneís diet, itís impossible to recover properly from the exercise and keep getting stronger or easily maintain oneís strength - either aerobic strength in the case of running or muscular strength in the case of weight-training.  Making sure my diet contained sufficient protein was really the final piece in the puzzle for me and the key to deriving the kind of benefits from my entire diet that Iíve always wanted.

I have a strong interest in fitness, and Iíve settled upon a proven way of staying in the best possible shape, which Iíve shared on this website on the web page about exercise.  The human body has an amazing ability to regenerate itself through a combination of optimal nutrition and exercise six mornings each week, alternating between aerobic and muscular exercise with 48 hours recovery time for each type of exercise.

Iím interested in a lot of different things.  Iíve spent quite a lot of time doing mechanical work on cars, having spent a lot of time attending to maintenance and repairs over the years, such as changing clutches, replacing brake fluid, setting up electronic corrosion protection and setting up bypass engine oil filtration, as well as all of the usual stuff.  Of course, the danger with getting immersed in automotive maintenance is that itís very easy to spend more time, effort and money taking care of your car, than you do taking care of yourself.  I've documented everything I know about automotive maintenance at the website,

Thanks a lot for visiting my website.  I hope that you find something here to assist you in improving the health and appearance of your hair, as well as the overall health and fitness of your body.  Iím delighted to provide you with the best information on this website that Iím aware of regarding hair, health and wellness.  I hope that your future is a healthy, happy and hairy one!

Andrew Mackinnon

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