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Don't ejaculate more than two times each week...

Last updated: 20th February, 2021

If you want to have the healthiest head of hair possible and maximise the rate at which your hair grows, donít ejaculate more than two times each week, preferably on the same day.  Excessive ejaculation and the resulting low level of reproductive fluid in the body is the leading cause of hair thinning, receding of the hairline at the front and hair loss.  Conversely, a high level of reproductive fluid in the body is the most powerful catalyst for the growth of hair.  This applies to males and females alike.  How this works exactly is largely irrelevant.  Itís been proposed that ejaculation results in the conversion of testosterone in the human body into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is directly responsible for hair loss when itís present in the body in elevated levels, because it attaches itself to the hair follicles and blocks the supply of nutrients to the hair, resulting in thinning of the hair and hair loss.  Whatís relevant and what can easily be verified by experience is that excessive ejaculation leads directly to hair thinning, receding of the hair line at the front and hair loss, in both men and women.  Cutting oneís hair short isnít going to make any difference at all in preventing the adverse effects of excessive ejaculation upon oneís hair, because excessive ejaculation results in the weakening of the hair at the root, causing it to fall out, irrespective of whether the hair is long or short in length.

For married people, reducing the frequency of ejaculation to two times per week means setting aside just one unhurried time each week, such as Saturday morning, for their weekly sexual activity.  Not only will their health and their hair improve dramatically as a result of limiting their sexual activity to just one time each week, as a result of the increased level of reproductive fluid in their bodies, but the satisfaction they derive from this sexual activity will also increase because theyíll arrive at it from a place of satisfied, physiological preparedness and anticipation rather than harried, physiological depletion and compulsion.

The Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan has deliberately saturated the internet with pornography in order to trip people up.  If you have trouble staying away from the all-pervasive pornography on the internet, you can find instructions on how to set up a filter on your computer to block it out altogether in a tamper-proof manner on the following web page:

Protect yourself from internet pornography with the most tamper-proof filter set-up possible

If television is a source of sexual temptation to you, as itís designed to be, you can simply get rid of it by taking it to the garbage dump.  Thereís no way in which watching television is going to benefit you, especially now that news is available in real-time via the internet.  Iíve never owned a television.  I was given a television in around 2004 and immediately sold it.  In hindsight, I should have taken it to the garbage dump instead.  I havenít watched television since the middle of 2003.  Obviously that frees up a lot of time for me to do other things.

Human hair reflects the glory of God, in whose image male and female human beings have been created.  The name of the first male to have ever lived in human history was Adam and the name of the first female to have ever lived in human history was Eve.  Healthy hair has always been a sign of right living and it always will be.  There are no short cuts to healthy hair, which is exactly what God intended.  He intended that hair depart from oneís body as a result of excessive ejaculation, which is directly associated with misusing oneís God-given sexuality, something that our dysfunctional culture in western society has been encouraging us to do on a daily basis for a long time now.

If youíve lost hair as a result of excessive ejaculation, the truth is that you can grow it back over time by correcting this problem and accustoming yourself to a less physiologically demanding frequency of ejaculation.  Your body is designed to constantly try to develop towards health and wholeness, however it canít do this if there are persistent obstacles in the way such as excessive ejaculation.  It makes perfect sense to eliminate obstacles such as this so that your body can develop properly in this manner.

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