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Don't use shampoo or soap containing sodium lauryl sulfate on your hair or skin...

If you go to the supermarket and read the list of ingredients in all of the different shampoos for sale there, youíll find that the overwhelming majority of them contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  Donít think that this is some kind of reassurance that sodium lauryl sulfate is safe to apply to your scalp when youíre shampooing your hair.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Sodium lauryl sulfate is such a harsh detergent that itís also used in garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and detergents for washing your car.  It cleans by corrosion, so the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate on your scalp and hair is to corrode and degrade it.  In fact, sodium lauryl sulfate is so widely understood to be a skin irritant, that medical researchers use it to irritate skin on test subjects such as animals and people in the course of their research.  Sodium lauryl sulfate also combines with other ingredients in shampoo to form nitrates which are carcinogenic (ie. cancer causing).  By using shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulfate, youíre allowing these carcinogens to be absorbed into your scalp on your head, which is clearly dangerous.

The effect of sodium lauryl sulfate in shampoo on human hair is to slow down its rate of growth and contribute to hair loss by attacking the hair follicles.  People who have stopped using shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulfate have noticed that they soon experience new hair growth.  This makes sense because hair growth is maximised when the use of known impediments, such as shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulphate, is abandoned.

Personally, I use a bar of goatís milk soap to wash my hair, after I experienced the difference that goatís milk soap made to my skin, because it doesnít contain any sodium lauryl sulfate.  Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient in most soaps for skin sold at the supermarket.  I have normal, healthy skin, yet I found that soap containing sodium lauryl sulfate would cause some eruptions on my skin, such as on my forearms, and psoriasis, which is the formation of reddish spots and patches covered with silvery scales on the skin.  Initially, I thought that there was simply something wrong with my skin in particular, which was causing these aberrations.  However, one day I noticed while showering that the bar of soap I was using actually felt hostile and irritating to my skin.  Eventually I tracked the cause down to the sodium lauryl sulfate in the soap.

While searching for an alternative soap to use that didnít contain any sodium lauryl sulfate, I came across goatís milk soap.  What I immediately noticed was that goatís milk soap is a lot gentler on the skin.  There was none of the aggressive irritation of the skin that soap containing sodium lauryl sulfate causes.  I was absolutely shocked to find that the eruptions on my forearms and the psoriasis disappeared within just a week or two of starting to use goatís milk soap.  At that point I realised that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my skin but that there was plenty wrong with sodium lauryl sulphate!  I highly recommend using goatís milk soap to wash your skin while showering.  If you donít want to also use goatís milk soap to wash your hair, you can search for a shampoo that you like that doesnít contain sodium lauryl sulfate at places that sell health products that are free of harmful chemicals.

Another important reason for using soap on your skin thatís free of sodium lauryl sulfate is that this harmful chemical will attack your hairline around your face when youíre washing your face with soap containing it.  Your hairline around your face is the most defining feature of your hair.  A strong hairline greatly enhances your appearance and attractiveness.  Sodium lauryl sulfate in soap that you use to wash your face will degrade the health of the hairs that make up your hairline and cause thinning of these hairs and the receding of your hairline.  In contrast, soap that doesnít contain sodium lauryl sulfate, such as goatís milk soap, wonít cause any damage to your hairline at all when you wash your face with it.  It will allow you to preserve all of the progress you make in maximising your hair growth as a result of all of the other measures that you take to improve the health and vitality of your hair.

You should not be applying any products to your hair, scalp or skin, such as shampoo, conditioner or soap, that contain sodium lauryl sulfate.  I believe that all of us, myself included, are very prone to persisting in doing things that are harmful to us, such as using shampoo or soap containing sodium lauryl sulfate, if weíre lulled into a false sense of security about their safety.  Itís natural to think, ďMost of these shampoos and soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate, so there canít be anything wrong with it.  They wouldnít be selling them to us if there was.Ē  Itís natural to think this way, however itís also completely wrong.  Iím glad that I was able to realise the damage I was doing to my hair and the visible damage I was doing to my skin.  I hope that youíll banish this kind of damage from your own personal care regimen also.

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