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M a x i m i s e   H a i r   G r o w t h

Drink five quarts or litres of purified water every day...

Drinking sufficient water every day is absolutely essential to good health, including the health of your hair.  Up to 65% of our bodies are made up of water, so itís very important that you continually replenish the water in your body thatís lost through respiration (ie. breathing), perspiration (ie. sweating) and urination.  When you become dehydrated or low on water, your hair becomes dry, as well as your skin.  Drinking sufficient water is essential to maintaining the health of your hair and it will increase the elasticity of your skin, so that itís smoother and silkier.  Other benefits of drinking sufficient water are that it enables the digestion of the food you eat and that it helps you to think more clearly, since the human brain is made up of about 85% water.  Dehydration results in a deterioration in the performance of the human brain.

In order to drink sufficient water on a daily basis, you need to drink more water than you actually need on a daily basis.  Iíve found that drinking five quarts (ie. five litres) of water each day is the kind of volume I need to maintain my body in the best possible health.  Itís important to drink at least half a quart (ie. half a litre or 500 mL) as soon as you wake up in the morning, because your body loses a lot of water during the night while you sleep due to your respiration.  Similarly, itís important to drink at least half a quart (ie. half a litre or 500 mL) of water before you go to sleep at night, to ensure that you donít become dehydrated during the night while you sleep.  Youíll find that this will help you to wake up more alert and ready to spring out of bed instead of drowsy and disoriented.  I also make sure I drink sufficient water (such as half a quart) before exercising, such as running or weight-training, and also after exercising to replace the water that the body loses through perspiration.

Itís important to drink water before eating anything during the day, to ensure that thereíll be sufficient water in your stomach and digestive system to properly digest the food you eat, so that your body can make the best possible use of the nutrients within that food.  Similarly, itís important to drink water after eating, to replace the water that was utilised in your stomach and digestive system to digest the food.  However, itís best not to drink anything less than 10 minutes before and less than 40 minutes after eating.  This is because the water you drink within this timeframe will dilute your stomachís digestive acids and diminish your bodyís ability to properly digest and utilise the food that youíre eating.  This rule, which I call the Ď10/40í rule, is something that will significantly improve your health and well-being if you follow it habitually.

You obviously shouldnít drink just any water, such as tap water, which contains chemicals like chlorine, that reacts corrosively with the insides of your body and damages it.  Itís very important to only drink the most pure water that you can obtain, such as reverse osmosis-purified water.  If you drink five quarts (ie. five litres) of tap water every day, youíll make yourself very ill, very quickly.  But if you drink five quarts of reverse osmosis-purified water every day, youíll find that it has an enormously positive effect on your health and your state of mind.

Once youíve set up a water purification system in your home, thereís no need to purchase purified water to drink when youíre out and about during the day.  You can take the water that your purification system produces with you by carrying it in stainless steel water bottles.  Itís important to use water bottles made out of stainless steel because these wonít contaminate the water inside them in any way.  Other types of water bottles such as aluminium water bottles with plastic linings inside are problematic because if you drop them and dent them (which will happen eventually), the plastic lining can crack and allow the water inside to come into contact with the aluminium wall of the water bottle.  Consequently, aluminium will leach into the water inside the water bottle that you drink.  The intake of aluminium has been shown conclusively to be associated with Alzheimerís disease, which is basically dementia.  In contrast, you can drop a stainless steel water bottle and dent it and the stainless steel wall of the container remains harmless to the water inside the water bottle.

If you search online, you can easily find a supplier of stainless steel water bottles from whom you can purchase, even if theyíre in another country.  The brand of stainless steel water bottle that I use is Cheeki.  I have four stainless steel water bottles, each with a volume of 1.2 quarts, that I take with me during the day so that I have a plentiful supply of reverse osmosis-purified water wherever I am.  Youíll find that taking them to work with you will even save you time, because instead of having to get up from your desk when youíre thirsty and go to the water cooler, you can just reach for one of these water bottles in your bag or on your desk.

Drinking sufficient purified water every day is critically important to the health of your entire body, including your hair.  It has a profoundly positive effect on many different aspects of your well-being.  Therefore, itís well worth the time and effort to ensure that you have access to high-quality, purified water wherever you go by obtaining water bottles and whatever else you need to carry them, such as an additional carry bag, sports bag or small backpack.

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