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Take nutritional supplements every day to compensate for deficiencies in your food...

In spite of the manner in which I have waxed lyrical about the importance of eating fresh, natural, chemical-free food of many different types, the simple fact is that food today is nutritionally inferior to the food of previous decades.  The farming soil is more degraded today compared to previous decades.  Plants such as vegetables obtain their nutrients from the soil, which are passed on to humans when they eat them.  So if the soil is weak in nutrients, the vegetable plant will also be weak in nutrients.  Drought, soil-erosion and over-farming all lead to debased soil and nutritionally weaker produce.  Studies have been conducted to compare the volume of nutrients in today's produce with the volume of nutrients in produce of previous decades, such as fifty years ago.  The results are startling, and point to a serious deficiency of nutrients in today’s food.

When food was produced fifty years ago, the farmers who produced the food didn’t have the sole objective of maximising their profits like many farmers do today, who are under pressure in a number of ways, such as from their buyers who tend to squeeze them down on price.  The farmers of fifty years ago worked to produce the food because it was their life's work.  They took pride in their role as pivotal contributors to the community and society.  However, today, food production is primarily a business.  Farmers have been demoralised by unscrupulous markets which reduce their produce to its lowest possible financial value and then sell it on at wildly inflated mark-ups to the end-consumer, such as in supermarkets.  Because of this increased pressure on farmers and because food production is now mainly a business, less care is taken today regarding the nutritional value of the food produced.  Food is produced more quickly today than it was in previous decades, in order to maximise the profit and cash-flow of the farmers.  The time from sowing the seed to delivering the harvested crop to markets has been reduced to its minimum.

When I go to the greengrocer and purchase fruit and vegetables, even though I purchase the best I can and pick the eyes out of what's available to ensure I select the best, the best I select is still only a pale reflection of what that food was in previous decades.  The key word is 'vibrancy'.  None of the fruits and vegetables that I buy today are as vibrant as they were fifty years ago and none of them have the equivalent nutritional goodness.  When you combine this trend of the declining nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods produced with the trend of the industrial era of the 20th century of increasing air pollution (such as from the car stopped in front of you at the traffic lights with its exhaust pipe pointed at you), increasing drinking water pollution via chemicals added to the drinking water supply (for those who don’t filter these chemicals out), higher stress from a frantically busy and confused world and a more sedentary lifestyle, you have a VERY serious problem indeed.  This all boils down to a greater scale of attack on the health of the average person, but a reduced ability of the body of the average person to mount a counter-offensive on that attack.

It’s not practical or even possible to counteract the detrimental effects of air pollution and stress in today's world with a diet which consists of fresh foods only.  Nutritional supplementation is mandatory for those who want to not only counteract but fully overcome the damage done to their bodies by the toxic ravages of modern living.  Even if food today had the same nutritional value as the food of fifty years ago, nutritional supplementation would still be necessary because the level of attack on the body's health in today’s world has escalated so dramatically in the last fifty years.

When I first found out about nutritional supplementation as a way of achieving optimal health, I had to think for a while before I was satisfied to actually take nutritional supplements.  For me, the primary obstacle to taking them was that it seemed to be slapping God in the face.  God designed a wide array of foods which were intended to provide males and females with their nutritional requirements for optimal health.  To take nutritional supplements as well seemed clearly to be saying to God, "What you've provided isn't good enough or sufficient for my physical needs".

I can simply say that I resolved this apprehensiveness by realising that man has degraded his environment and his food supply to such an extent that the food supply is no longer potent enough to provide the body with all of the antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients it needs to counteract the damage done to it from simply living in this degraded environment.  Antioxidants like grape seed extract repair damage done to the body through oxidation in which chemicals like chorine react corrosively with the insides of the body to damage them.

From another point of view altogether, it’s undeniably true that the level of health and wellness in athletes and models, as well as the general population of health-conscious individuals, has escalated dramatically in the last fifteen years, during which time the revolution of health and wellness has both started in earnest and also reached its unstoppable, influential heights.  When you see people who look picture perfect, it's not because they've optimised their diet of fresh foods only.  It's because they've optimised their diet of fresh foods and also, importantly, because they’ve supplemented that diet with the most natural, potent, highest-quality nutritional supplements they can get their hands on.  Ultimately, they’re providing their bodies with more nutrients on a cellular level than they need on a daily basis so that the cellular health of their bodies is maximised.  The human body contains literally trillions of cells which need to be nourished on a daily basis.  The only way to meet this requirement is to supply the body with more nutrients than it needs on a daily basis so that it discards those nutrients that it doesn't need.

Prima facie, the use of nutritional supplements to maximise one’s health and wellness can appear to be narcissistic and there are aspects of our culture which would make it seem as though this use of supplements is simply narcissistic.  However, I don’t believe that it’s narcissistic at all.  At a deeper level, even if the person taking nutiritional supplements is narcissistic, what they’re actually pursuing, wittingly or unwittingly, is the most optimal functioning of their bodies.  The human body is an amazing 'machine'.  Its potential is extraordinary and it won’t be realised by consuming a diet of fresh foods alone in this intense 21st century.  Nutritional supplementation is mandatory for anybody who wants to give their body more than what it needs to fight off disease, to repair cellular damage done to it and to maximise its cellular health, which is the health of the body on a cell by cell basis.

I can't recommend to you highly enough the work of Dr Myron Wentz in producing the USANA range of nutritional supplements.  These are the best nutritional supplements available on the market today.  Dr Wentz is an extraordinary individual whose level of achievement in the scientific field is awe-inspiring.  He has produced phenomenal business and financial success in his working life, which continues today, yet he has actually been aiming for technical and scientific success.  The financial success he has achieved is simply a by-product of the driven efforts of a humble, yet extremely talented, and extremely hard-working man who has dedicated himself to producing the best nutritional supplements he can.

The simple reason why USANA products are only available via network marketing is that it allows Dr Wentz to distribute his extremely high-quality products for the minimum price and hence reach the maximum consuming audience.  Dr Wentz specifically wants as many people as possible to benefit from taking the CellSentials and other USANA nutritional supplements.  By distributing direct from the warehouse to the customer via network marketing, all of the middle-men who ordinarily take their cut are themselves cut out, resulting in a lower priced product.  This is not just a cliché.  This is financial fact.

In the current year when the world is frantically busy and confused and when most business people are mainly looking at the bottom line, it would be easy to cynically dismiss Wentz as a profit-pursuing businessman with profit-pursuing motives.  However, this man is the real deal without peer in his field of endeavour.  USANA products have repeatedly been found to be the best available nutritional supplements worldwide and have been used by several Olympic athletes, including the Canadian speed skating team.  The simple reason for the persistently high quality of the ingredients in the supplements is that Dr Myron Wentz has personally overseen and superintended the quality of these products.  He has personally and single-handedly set the culture of excellence in the entire USANA organisation.

I heard Dr Wentz speak at the launch of USANA in the Australian market in 1998.  He related how his health started to fail under the heavy demands of running his previous business called 'Gull Laboratories', which was dedicated to designing, developing and producing test kits for viral diseases.  Gull Laboratories developed the first commercially available test kit for diagnosing infection from the Epstein-Barr virus.  What he mentioned in his talk is that he went to his doctor to get assistance for his failing health.  His doctor prescribed nutritional supplements so he went to the chemist to fill the prescription.  Back at the office, he was sitting at his desk reading over the list of ingredients in the nutritional supplements.  In short, he was alarmed.  He got up, went over to one of his colleagues and said, "Do you know what they're putting in these supplements???".  Dr Wentz went on to tell us that if he had supplied nutrients to the human cell cultures he grew and maintained as part of his work at Gull Laboratories in the same low-quality way these prescribed supplements were going to nutrient his body, then he would have gone out of business.  The supplements he was prescribed were completely inadequate.

Dr Wentz needed to grow human cell cultures at Gull Laboratories in order to study the effects of disease on them.  Over a number of years, he therefore began to gain an expert grasp on what nutrients were needed and in what supply in order to maximise the health of these cell cultures.  Dr Wentz told us that on that very day that he saw how woefully inadequate his prescription was to aid his failing health, he decided that he would turn his attention to developing the best nutritional supplements he possibly could.  True to his word, he has done just that.

Dr Wentz sold Gull Laboratories for $21.7 million, which is obviously enough to retire on, and set about his work which shortly afterwards resulted in USANA nutritional supplements being released onto the market in the USA in 1992 and in Australia in 1998.  He has worked tirelessly and very, very hard.  This is now a company generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year as a result of the outstanding products he has designed.

USANA nutritional supplements are the best nutritional supplements available worldwide today.  There is no other line of nutritional supplements which has every been show to be superior.  In such a gigantic industry (ie. health and wellness) and in such a gigantic market (ie. the United States of America), tests are always being conducted to compare the effectiveness of different products.  USANA has always come out streets ahead of its competitors.  I say that without any bias.  Dr Wentz has first concentrated on producing the very best product he can from the highest quality ingredients and only after doing that has he concentrated on distributing it for the lowest price possible.  He simply wants to make it available to the largest number of people possible and hence help the largest number of people possible.

I cannot commend this man, Dr Myron Wentz, to you highly enough and warmly enough.  People who hear him speak instantly recognise his credibility and authority even though he is humble and unassuming.  I certainly did.  He has won wide scientific recognition for his work on a worldwide scale and is highly esteemed by scientists worldwide.

The reality is that every person who takes these USANA products can revolutionise their health and well-being.  The “CellSentials” (comprising Core Minerals tablets and Vita Antioxidant tablets) are intended as the foundational product for nutritional supplementation to be taken every day.  “Proflavanol” contains concentrated grape seed extract which is a powerful antioxidant.  People always say, "The French drink a lot of red wine and are therefore healthy".  The reason that they’re healthy is that the grape seed extract is providing the benefit.  The alcohol in the red wine doesn't do any good for the body at all.  I can't emphasise highly enough that for the average person, taking the CellSentials and Proflavanol in conjunction with a good diet of fresh, chemical-free foods will virtually bullet-proof that person from getting sick with the flu all year round.

Both of these USANA products - the CellSentials and Proflavanol - are in tablet form that can be taken with a small amount of water after eating during the day or while eating during the day, so that your body digests the tablets while it’s digesting the food that you’ve just eaten.  I’ve had people say to me, "I don't like taking tablets".  People who don't take nutritional supplements because they don't like taking tablets are missing out on huge benefits.  They’re possibly confusing the tablets of nutritional supplements, which contain natural ingredients, with the tablets of prescription medicine, which are synthetic and seem to be named after characters in a science fiction movie.

Taking the USANA CellSentials involves taking four tablets each day of each of Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant.  The best way in which to take these tablets is as follows:

The USANA CellSentials nutritional supplements are highly potent and stimulate the physiology of the human body quite significantly.  By finishing taking them in the afternoon at 5 pm, you can be sure that they won’t keep you awake when you’re due to fall asleep, like they might if you were to take half of the day’s tablets while eating your dinner, just a couple of hours before the time you’re due to fall asleep.  Since this website advocates eating a dinner which is already highly nutritious, taking half of the day’s USANA tablets while eating dinner could end up keeping you awake when you’re due to go to fall asleep, especially if you haven’t tired your body out sufficiently from the day’s activities by exercising early in the morning before breakfast.

There is an exponentially growing body of young people who have actually begun to feel day by day how their body responds positively to inputs such as diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise and sleep who aren't all that interested in the technicalities of health.  They just want to pursue the most natural and highest quality inputs to their health together with aerobic and muscular exercise.  The Baby Boomer generation has latched on to this trend too.  The objective in taking nutritional supplements is to provide the body with more nutrients than it needs at a cellular level (ie. the trillions of cells in the body), so that the body can utilise those nutrients it needs and discard the rest.

Taking the USANA CellSentials tablets tends to color one’s urine a strong yellow colour as a result of increasing one’s intake of nutrients by taking the supplements.  However, on days of high stress, one's urine appears clear, even after taking the normal schedule of CellSentials tablets because the body has utilised all of the nutrients in these tablets and in the food that was eaten, so that very few, if any, are discarded in one’s urine.  On days of low stress, one's urine appears as a strong yellow color, because the body has taken what it needs from the supplements and discarded the surplus nutrients that it doesn’t need via one’s urine, which show up as this strong yellow color.  Although these discarded, surplus nutrients might seem like a waste, this excess supply of nutrients is actually necessary in order to ensure that the body is provided with sufficient nutrients.  For example, you can’t be exactly on time.  To the trillisecond, it’s absolutely impossible.  You have to be either early or late.  Therefore, to be on time, you have to be early.  In the same way, your body needs an excess supply of good nutrition in order to be sufficiently nourished.  It discards those surplus nutrients that it doesn’t need.

The reason that the government wants to curtail the use of nutritional supplements is that it doesn’t want to see an empowered populace of citizens.  One important cornerstone of penetrating thinking and empowered living is excellent nutrition which includes nutritional supplementation.  The trend of this kind of empowered living has been sweeping the world over the past fifteen years and longer.  The positive effect of this trend is now being constantly felt all over the world.  I have no doubt that the reason the government displays strong resistance to nutritional supplementation to the point of even making noises about wanting to prohibit their sale altogether in a fascist manner is because the government doesn’t want the populace to become a fearsome, intellectual adversary.  It much prefers that the populace be lethargic, despondent, highly-taxed, semi-depressed and semi-despairing as it has been in years gone by.  However, the giant of the populace has well and truly woken up and I doubt very much that he will ever lie back down to sleep.

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