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Tap water is very harmful to your health and to your hair...

Last updated: 14th January, 2017

Our drinking water supplies that come out of our taps at home are heavily chlorinated by the authorities to kill bacteria and other water-borne diseases such as cholera which are widely experienced in third-world countries where the water supply isn’t chlorinated.  Unfortunately, chlorine is a highly corrosive chemical that reacts with the insides of our bodies in a process called oxidation and damages them.  The process of oxidation results in the existence of free radicals in the body, which are atoms or molecules with single free electrons that make them highly reactive.  They bounce around the insides of our bodies, reacting adversely with the cells in it and causing cellular damage.  Oxidation in the body is pretty much the same as the process of oxidation of metal which causes rust and damages the metal.  It’s noteworthy that in the First World War, chlorine gas was used to kill people.

The water we drink has a profound effect on the quality of the blood inside our bodies, which is used to carry macro and micro nutrients (such as carbohydrates and proteins in the case of macro nutrients and potassium and vitamin C in the case of micro nutrients) to every corner of our bodies, including our hair follicles, which obtain their nutrients from the blood flowing through our scalps.  Therefore chlorine ingested in our drinking water is going to have a profound effect throughout our bodies.  Just like the chlorinated water in a swimming pool will dry out your hair follicles and scalp from the outside, chlorinated drinking water will dry out your hair follicles and scalp from the inside, as it makes its way into your blood supply and is distributed throughout your body.

Our chlorinated drinking water supplies are a big reason why cancer has become such an epidemic in our modern age.  I wouldn’t drink a glass of chlorinated tap water even if I was offered twenty dollars.  When the water levels in our dams decrease as a result of drought periods, the concentration of chlorine added to the water is increased by the authorities to counteract the increase in the concentration of organic matter in the dam water, which is received into the water from the vegetation in the area surrounding the dam.

People who say that tap water builds up the immune system are plain wrong.  It degrades the immune system and the body in general.  If you poured used engine oil into their sports car, they would not be happy, but this is kind of similar to what they’re doing to their bodies.  Other chemicals added to our drinking water supplies by our authorities are:


People say this strengthens your teeth.  It also used to be a key component in rat poison and it’s a known neurotoxin which causes mental lethargy that impairs people’s cognitive ability - their ability to think and reason.  Fluoride is also carcinogenic, which means that it causes cancer.  If a person drinks tap water containing fluoride their entire life, they have a high chance of ending up with a serious form of cancer at some point in their life.  Excessive fluoride intake has been linked to excessively brittle teeth which is called dental fluorosis.  I heard a story about a guy rubbing his teeth together and one of them snapped in two.  That’s what excessive fluoride does to your teeth.  It makes them very brittle.  Excessive fluoride intake has also been linked with insomnia.

Obviously, I don’t believe that the authorities add fluoride to the water to strengthen our teeth.  My conviction is that they add it to the water to harm us.  The fluoride that they add to the water supply is categorically harmful.  It’s not naturally occurring but rather an industrial waste product that’s produced by the aluminium industry.  The idea that fluoride in drinking water improves one’s dental health is just a convenient cover story.  It is asinine that the authorities refuse to admit the harm that fluoride in the water is doing to people who drink it, because the water that people drink flows quickly past their teeth and goes straight down their throats and into their stomachs.  The fluoride in the water is then absorbed into their blood streams via their digestive systems.  Therefore, its negative impact on people’s overall health is far more significant than any impact it has on people’s teeth.  The actual purpose of water fluoridation is quite obviously to negatively impact people’s overall health, not to improve their teeth.

We are up against some very malicious and very stubborn people.  It is beyond outrageous that they think they can mandate water fluoridation without encountering any meaningful opposition.  There are learned, highly-qualified people out there writing against and speaking out against the evils of fluoride intake from the water.  We get enough fluoride naturally from other things we consume (eg. tea, fruits and vegetables) and we quite obviously shouldn’t be ingesting an industrial waste product.

Thankfully, in Australia where I live, the people of the state of Queensland have taken the lead in relation to the issue of water fluoridation and have displayed admirable common sense by vigorously opposing this fraud, which is harming people all around the world.  Their advocacy has brought this issue right into the public spotlight in Australia and caused those who are undecided about it to become very uncomfortable about the manner in which the authorities are forcing water fluoridation on those who just want to drink water (H2O), not water plus fluoride (H2O + F-).

I am absolutely disgusted that the dental profession as a whole, which comprises some of the most intellectually-capable and highly-educated people in society, has supported the fraud of water fluoridation without exposing it, to the detriment of the health of their fellow citizens.  It is beyond belief that there are those in the dental profession who label opponents to water fluoridation as misguided, when the only intellectually-honest position on this issue is that water fluoridation is harmful.  Behind our backs, some of them are laughing at the harm that people are suffering as a result of drinking fluoridated water.

The people who are perpetuating water fluoridation can sneer all they like at the opponents of this disgraceful fraud, but they won’t escape the consequences of the harm that they’re perpetrating on their fellow citizens, unless they publicly renounce their involvement.  There will be a reckoning that they cannot escape.  On the Day of Judgement, they’ll answer to God in heaven for adulterating his perfect design for human hydration that is found in water, to the detriment of their fellow citizens.  When that day comes, they’ll wish they had never been born.

Aluminium sulphate…

Aluminium sulphate is added to our drinking water supplies in order to cause impurities in the water to stick together as gunk and sink to the bottom of the water processing plant where they can be dispensed in wholesale.  However aluminium intake is harmful to the human body and has also been linked conclusively to Alzheimer’s disease.  It has also been linked with insomnia.


Lime is used to balance the pH of our drinking water.


Ammonia as a booster to increase the effectiveness of chlorine in disinfecting the water.

Copper sulphate…

Copper sulphate kills blue-green algae in the drinking water supply but shows itself as a blue tinge in the water in some places in extreme cases when water is poured into a white container to show its real color.

Up to 65% of our bodies are made up of water, so that quality of the water we drink has a profound effect on our overall health, including the health of our hair.  The chemicals above that are added to our drinking water supplies, such as chlorine, fluoride and ammonia, are not good for our health at all.  It’s up to us to strip these chemicals from the water at the point at which we drink the water - when it comes out of the tap.  Obviously this can be achieved by using a water purification system.

Palintest chemical test tablets (DPD No. 4) can be used to test the quality of the water that you drink.  However, they test for the presence of chlorine only.  If you pour a sample of water into a white container like a plastic cup, drop a test tablet in and leave it for a couple of minutes, chlorine-free water will have a clear color, whereas chlorine-laden water will have a pink to red color.  The stronger and redder the pink, the higher the concentration of chlorine in the water.  The water I drink has a clear color after testing with one of these tablets.

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