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Use a shower filter to protect your hair and your health from chlorinated water...

There's not much point drinking filtered water that has had all traces of chlorine removed from it, if you shower in unfiltered, chlorinated, tap water, because having a shower in chlorinated, tap water is tantamount to drinking something like four large glasses of tap water as far as chlorine intake goes.  That's a lot of chlorine.  It gets absorbed into the body through the large surface area of porous skin of the person having a shower.

Our drinking and showering water supplies that come out of our taps at home are heavily chlorinated by the authorities to kill bacteria and other water-borne diseases such as cholera which are widely experienced in third-world countries where the water supply isnít chlorinated.  Unfortunately, chlorine in shower water is a highly corrosive chemical that reacts with both the insides and outsides of your body in a process called oxidation and damages it.  Oxidation in the body is pretty much the same as the process of oxidation of metal which causes rust and damages the metal.  The effect of chlorine in shower water on your hair is to attack the follicles and dry them out, stripping them of their natural oils which are designed to protect them.  It also attacks and dries out your skin, including your scalp, which is the same thing that happens when you swim in a pool containing chlorinated water.  Additionally, chlorine is vaporised in the hot shower water and then breathed in by the person showering so that itís absorbed directly into their bloodstream from their lungs.  This is one reason why people often feel drowsy after having a hot shower in unfiltered, chlorinated water.  It's not the hot water and steam that causes the drowsiness.  It's the chlorine gas thatís liberated from the water as a result of the heat of the water.

Our chlorinated drinking and showering water supplies are a big reason why cancer has become such an epidemic in our modern age.  I wouldnít drink or shower in chlorinated water even if I was offered twenty dollars.  When the water levels in our dams decrease as a result of drought periods, the concentration of chlorine added to the water is increased by the authorities to counteract the increase in the concentration of organic matter in the dam water, which is received into the water from the vegetation in the area surrounding the dam.

Itís absolutely imperative that you filter the water you shower in if you want to neutralise the negative effect of chlorine on your hair so that it can grow unimpeded and undamaged and if you want to neutralise the many other negative effects that chlorinated shower water has on your health, such as cellular damage to the insides of your body.  Your hair will be softer and more vibrant if you eliminate chlorine from the water you shower in using a shower filter.

A company called Sprite makes a high-output, highly-effective shower filter.  The Sprite shower filter removes chlorine from the hot, shower water by converting it into a harmless chloride, using its proprietary filtering technology.  Iíve used a Sprite shower filter for several years and Iíve found it to be excellent.  Itís also very inexpensive considering the very positive effect it has on your hair, skin and overall health and well-being.

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